Benefits of Car Service – MJR Motors

Many of the experts are suggest the customers to maintain the regular car service without any problems. Car Servicing makes the Car to function smoothly without any problems.  You can find out how regularly maintaining your car can save money and time in long run. MJR Motors provides the service to all models car from experienced mechanics.


Every car has to maintain regular checkups of changing oil and rotation of tyres.  It also involves the regular checkups performed by the mechanics. The experts will inspect your car repairs by identifying and fixing any issues at early stage of it only.


If you are going to sell your car in future then you have to maintain with regular checkups from the experts.  Most of the buyers will prefer the car which is running in optimal condition with good appearance. Even MJR Motors are offering the logbook service to the customers according to the guidelines from car manufacturer.

Fuel Economy and Air Conditioners

With the regular maintenance of your car it will reduce the most of your vehicle’s fuel economy. You can prevent any leakages from the pipes which are connected to air conditioners by regular checkups of your car. Air conditioning repairs are also been done regularly without any fail. If you are air filter is filled with dust, your vehicle’s fuel economy can be affected nearly up to 25%.


If you are regular servicing your car it is easy to drive your car without any problems. If you are not servicing the Brakes and Clutch regularly, this leads to risks to the passengers and everyone else on the road. Brake and Clutch repairs are the most important repairs of the car it will risks the lives of the passengers.


Regular maintenance makes you to save money, which leads to other expenses. Many of the people will refuse to do the service. Actually with regular checkup of your car which makes the car to run long without any problems. Regular checkup of your car’s tyre which helps you to check the air in wheels, but it is easy to maintain it by the proper wheel alignment .

For the better performance of your car with regular maintenance’s from best service station, call us today for any air conditioning repairs, Car Services, Logbook Services, Wheel Alignment and car service in Sunshine North and Surrounding suburbs.